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We are a Trade Group in the economic simulation Simunomics.
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 Parrot Trading

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PostSubject: Parrot Trading   Parrot Trading EmptyThu Feb 20, 2014 8:50 am

Not sure if anyone is still here but i've tried 3 trade groups with noone home.
I'm based in Abalesk and own 3 stores, shoes,clothing and an apparel superstore
I have set up a production chain to these with the following:
raw materials: water
farms: corn,rubber,wool,cotton,fruit
I'm only level 4 right now, only been playing for a month but i'm expanding 1 of the previous every day and doing quite nicely I think.
Anyways I really hope this trade group has people in it coz i'm kinda thinking this game is dead, only talked to 2 other players so far.
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Parrot Trading
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