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We are a Trade Group in the economic simulation Simunomics.
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 Lake Tanganyika

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PostSubject: Lake Tanganyika   Lake Tanganyika EmptySat Mar 23, 2013 9:46 pm

About me:
I've played MMOs for many years and always aim to run economies in them. When Perfect World launched its USA East server in 2009, I dominated the markets and was quickly one of the most rich players in the game. My primary game was FlyForFun, where I was part of an elite merchant guild that was frequently contacted by game masters to hone in our price manipulation. I had over 50 stacks of Perins at my peak. I also made nearly a thousand USD playing diablo 3, and play economy based RTS game Starcraft II competitively.

Current operations:
I'm currently expanding rapidly in Bellerive - Store fronts, manufacturing, and R&D. I solely create soap for my own use and sell Brand Locked soap on the market. I buy building materials, chemicals, fruit, and paper in abundance.

Future goals:
I intend to be the dominating soap manufacturer and retailer in Bellerive and also aim to have the highest quality soap in all cities. I also aim to build a flourishing trade relationship with a few select distributors that I can count on, and who can count on me.
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Lake Tanganyika
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