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We are a Trade Group in the economic simulation Simunomics.
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 Tenjin Company

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tenjin masurao

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PostSubject: Tenjin Company   Tenjin Company EmptyMon Mar 18, 2013 8:42 am

Tenjin Company
We are small company, but expanding very fast.

Current activities:
Producing and selling building materials (bricks,glass,pipes) in Canjara.
Most of products selling to our founder.
Steel is also made but just to cover pipes production.
Warehouses in all cities are open for semi-products.

Future investments:
No plans yet.


Rankings by Operating Return on Equity (Weekly)
---22.03.2013---12(Rank) 73.432%(Return on Equity) Tenjin Company
---26.03.2013---8 68.835% Tenjin Company
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Tenjin Company
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